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Interlake Barn Quilt Trail Committee

In 2014, quilters Donna Kerns and Janice Skene were chatting about the beautiful barn quilts they had seen on travels through the United States and how exciting it would be to create a barn quilt trail right here at home.  A project was born and the Interlake Barn Quilt Trail Committee was developed:  Janice, Donna, Bonnie Dykes, and Lenore Olafson.  Spearheaded by the Arborg Ag Society, and with the encouragement and most-appreciated assistance from Gail McDonald of the Interlake Tourism Association, the Committee applied for and received a grant from Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection.


And the painting began.  Arborg Co-op generously provided space for the painting which allowed us to set up and leave the paintings until they were complete.  Committed to seven barn quilts to begin the trail in 2015, Janice, Donna, Bonnie and fellow quilter, Isabel Napp, completed the painting over the course of several sessions in June and July.  Three other registered barn quilts were being created elsewhere, one had been completed in 2012, and three others in earlier years.  By the end of the year, the Trail was boasting 21 barn quilts!


Pictured Left to Right:  Isabel Napp, Bonnie Dykes, Janice Skene, Donna Kerns

Missing:  Lenore Olafson

The first official barn quilt of the Trail was unveiled at the Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village at the Chapil barn in 2015.  We are excited to say that as of September 2019, we have 51 barn quilts on the Trail and more are in the works!

If you are interested in painting a barn quilt for your barn or property, please contact one of the committee members or email us at interlakebarnquilts@gmail.com and we will be happy to provide the necessary information and assistance to get you started!  Or click on the Application Form and Instructions links below.


Together we will decorate the Interlake with beautiful quilt block replicas that

celebrate Interlake culture, heritage, communities, art, agriculture, and tourism

You pick it, you paint it...

The Interlake Barn Quilt Trail was fortunate to receive funding through grants from Manitoba Sport, Culture, and Heritage from 2015 to 2017; however, the grants are no longer available to us.


We encourage you to still consider joining the IBQT.  Once you have selected your quilt design, painted and mounted the quilt, please forward a photo of the finished quilt, along with the Application and Registration form. We will then be able to feature your barn quilt on the IBQT website.

...and voilá!

a barn quilt!


Financial assistance from Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage from 2015 to 2017

is gratefully acknowledged.

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